When something is deflated, it is reduced in size or amount. The balloon in the picture is deflated because the air has been taken out of it.

  • The balloon was deflated by the wind.

  • The company's stock Prices were deflated when the company announced that they were going bankrupt.

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Example Sentences for deflated

  • 1

    The ball deflated suddenly.

  • 2

    The men deflated the balloon.

  • 3

    The world was gripped by deflation.

  • 4

    It is inflated in May and deflated in the fall.

  • 5

    Deflation started in the early 1990s.

  • 6

    To deflate the lungs, the process is reversed.

  • 7

    I was excited, deflated, excited, and then blase.

  • 8

    The gap was filled by deflation of consumer prices.

  • 9

    The play was incredible and seemed to deflate Pittsburgh.

  • 10

    Sometimes deflation also occurs as part of the correction.