Definiitively means completely and absolutely. When you say that something is definitively true, you mean that it is definitely true without a doubt.

  • I'm definitely going to the party.

  • She Definitively Said That She Was Going To The Party.

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Example Sentences for definitively

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    This resulted in the final definitive form of the band.

  • 2

    The broad definition of nontheism is the definition of atheism.

  • 3

    The definition in the article represents the average definition.

  • 4

    Look through the definitions in the definitions of capitalism article.

  • 5

    That is the definition of adolescence.

  • 6

    That is the definition of browsing.

  • 7

    That's the definition of an infomercial.

  • 8

    That's the definition of emulation.

  • 9

    After all, the definition of the meter depends on the definition of the second.

  • 10

    One important form of the extensional definition is ostensive definition.