When someone is defensively, they are acting in a way that is designed to protect themselves or to protect someone else. They might be defensive because they are angry or because they are afraid.

  • He was defensive when he said that he didn't do it.

  • She was defensive when she said that she didn't know what you were talking about.

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Example Sentences for defensively

  • 1

    The Thiers wall was the last of the defensive walls of Paris.

  • 2

    Committees for the Defense of the Revolution.

  • 3

    The are the defense department of the Vatican.

  • 4

    The call is defensible in theory.

  • 5

    The defense denied the accusation.

  • 6

    The defense of the coast was essential.

  • 7

    The defense then appeals to the umpire.

  • 8

    They have the prosecution and the defense.

  • 9

    Bhulabhai was the leading counsel for the defense.

  • 10

    Ineptitude is a defense against the charge.