Defeatism is the belief that you are destined to lose a battle or a war. Some people who are defeatist feel that there is no point in fighting, because they are sure that they will lose.

  • Many people in the country are defeatist and don't believe that we can win.

  • The defeatist attitude is causing the country to lose a lot of soldiers.

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Example Sentences for defeatism

  • 1

    The defeat was inconsequential.

  • 2

    The bill was defeated by a filibuster.

  • 3

    The children defeated their captor.

  • 4

    The union was shocked by the defeat.

  • 5

    The voters defeated the initiative.

  • 6

    An ignominious defeat of the strikers was the result.

  • 7

    It seems to defeat the purpose of encryption.

  • 8

    In a counterattack, the regiment defeated the enemy.

  • 9

    In the playoffs the Sting defeated the Raptors.

  • 10

    Senator Bricker was embittered by the defeat.