To default on a debt is to not pay it back. When a company or government defaults on a loan, they are not following through with their promise to pay back the money that they borrowed.

  • The government is defaulting on its debt, which is why the interest rates are so high.

  • The company is defaulting on its debt, which is why the stock prices are dropping.

Definition of defaulting


To fail to meet an obligation.


To lose a competition by failing to compete.


To assume a value when none was given; to presume a tentative value or standard.


To fail to appear and answer a summons and complaint.


The act or result of being defaulted, especially a failure to meet a financial obligation.

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Example Sentences for defaulting

  • 1

    The unpaid loan is now in default.

  • 2

    That's the default without the amplification.

  • 3

    The above was the default welcome.

  • 4

    The booster had a default in it.

  • 5

    The problem is the absence of a default.

  • 6

    Look at the default rates, not the chatter.

  • 7

    The default being the value of one.

  • 8

    But the name of the page typically defaults to the singular.

  • 9

    By default the counter is shown in the footer of the page.

  • 10

    The default behaviour has changed the prescript.