To decrypt something is to figure out its secret code. Sometimes people use the word to refer to figuring out the meaning of a text or phrase.

  • The police were trying to decrypt the messages that the bomber sent.

  • The linguist is trying to decrypt the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.

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Example Sentences for decrypt

  • 1

    Cryptograhy is the practice and study of encryption and decryption.

  • 2

    The method for decrypting is identical to the method for encryption.

  • 3

    To decrypt the output, merely reapplying the key will remove the cipher.

  • 4

    A password is used to decrypt this key.

  • 5

    A 'cipher' is an algorithm for encryption and decryption.

  • 6

    There's nothing to decrypt on your end.

  • 7

    These programs require a decryption key.

  • 8

    The decryption process is somewhat convoluted.

  • 9

    The processes for encryption and decryption are similar.

  • 10

    To decrypt, the procedure is simply reversed.