To decontaminate something is to clean it or to make it safe so that it can be used again. Sometimes decontaminating something means eliminating the agents that cause the damage.

  • The factory needs to decontaminate the area before they can start working.

  • The workers needed to decontaminate the building before they could enter.

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Example Sentences for decontaminate

  • 1

    The site has been decontaminated.

  • 2

    The decontaminated scrap is loaded in the container at the inlet end.

  • 3

    There are ongoing plans to decontaminate the river and make it navigable.

  • 4

    This process is able to decontaminate soils almost completely.

  • 5

    Methods to decontaminate alfalfa seeds and sprouts are being investigated.

  • 6

    Prussian blue was used to internally decontaminate many humans.

  • 7

    Skin is suitably decontaminated by thorough washing with soap and water.

  • 8

    Therefore, it is obvious to use the sun to decontaminate drinking water.

  • 9

    A quick way to decontaminate the eyes is to pour salt water into them.

  • 10

    Among the agents useful for decontamination of MD are bleach and caustic soda.