To deconstruct something is to take it apart and see how it works. You might deconstruct a car to see how it works, or you might deconstruct a sentence to see how it works.

  • The teacher deconstructed the sentence to find the different parts.

  • The engineer deconstructed the car to see how it works.

Definition of deconstructed


To break something down into its component parts.


To analyse in terms of deconstruction (a philosophical theory of textual criticism).


To analyse (generally).


To critique (generally).


(especially US sports) To destroy.

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Example Sentences for deconstructed

  • 1

    They planned to deconstruct the pyramids.

  • 2

    It is not necessary ones'self to deconstruct the theory.

  • 3

    Let's not deconstruct the article prematurely.

  • 4

    The band has been deconstructed.

  • 5

    Let me deconstruct the article for you.

  • 6

    I deconstructed it in on the talk page in detail.

  • 7

    Eno felt that they needed to deconstruct the song.

  • 8

    The cabin was painstakingly deconstructed and moved in 1911.

  • 9

    The city was literally deconstructed piece by piece.

  • 10

    In fact, it is possible here to deconstruct the idea of meaning.