To decompose is to break down into smaller and smaller pieces. The object or person decomposes when the cells that make it up die.

  • The body decomposes when the skin breaks down.

  • The furniture decomposes when the wood rots.

Definition of decomposes


separate (substances) into constituent elements or parts


break down, break up


lose a stored charge, magnetic flux, or current


decay, disintegrate


break down


molder, moulder, rot

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Example Sentences for decomposes

  • 1

    It is the electronic equivalent of decomposing trash.

  • 2

    The larvae will then accumulate and nourish on the decomposing carcass.

  • 3

    The tetralin was decomposed by the high temperature sodium.

  • 4

    It is known to very slowly decompose in the presence of water.

  • 5

    It is now dawn, and the vampire begins to decompose in the daylight.

  • 6

    The simple idea of DRP is to decompose the article into sentences.

  • 7

    There the waste can decompose without endangering the ants.

  • 8

    But once the blood is outside the body on the pads it will begin to decompose.

  • 9

    The QR decomposition allows us to decompose the matrix X into.

  • 10

    The algae sink to the bottom and use the oxygen when they decompose.