Decimating means to destroy or reduce the number of something very much. When a plague decimates a population, it kills a lot of people very quickly.

  • The decimating fire destroyed most of the buildings in the city.

  • The decimating effect of inflation has destroyed the middle class.

Definition of decimating


To kill one-tenth of a group, (specifically) as a military punishment in the Roman army selected by lot, usually carried out by the surviving soldiers.


To destroy or remove one-tenth of anything.


To devastate: to reduce or destroy significantly but not completely.


To exact a tithe or other 10% tax


To tithe: to pay a 10% tax.


To decimalize: to divide into tenths, hundredths etc.


To reduce to one-tenth: to destroy or remove nine-tenths of anything.


To replace a high-resolution model with another of lower but acceptable quality.

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Example Sentences for decimating

  • 1

    They decimated the people.

  • 2

    The man decimated the crowd.

  • 3

    The theory is in decimals of degrees.

  • 4

    It is part of the architecture of the decimal system.

  • 5

    The Machines decimated the helpless ships.

  • 6

    The army was organized on the decimal system.

  • 7

    The community was decimated during the Holocaust.

  • 8

    They should not have decimated the multitude.

  • 9

    A radix point in the decimal system is the usual.

  • 10

    He should be punished for decimating the citizens.