When something is deathly, it is very dangerous or deadly. deathly diseases are very dangerous, and deathly battles are often very violent.

  • The deathly silence of the forest was eerie.

  • The deathly fight between the dragon and the knight was dangerous.

Definition of deathly


having the physical appearance of death




causing or capable of causing death


deadly, mortal


to an extreme degree


exceedingly, extremely, super

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Example Sentences for deathly

  • 1

    The final warning is a premonition of the signalman's own death.

  • 2

    The ambush ended with the death of all the contractors.

  • 3

    The ending shows the destruction of the Death Star.

  • 4

    Finally, they came within earshot of the death squads and the hostages.

  • 5

    It is the last release with Renske doing death growls for the band.

  • 6

    The estates were reunified on the death of the last of the Vernons in 1476.

  • 7

    We must live and cope with it as we do with the finality of death.

  • 8

    The castle fall into disrepair after the death of the last Castelnau in 1715.

  • 9

    Abhimanyu's death marked the end of adherence to the rules of war.

  • 10

    Mahon's death presaged the end of the clan's power on the island.