A deathbed is a moment or occasion when a person is about to die. This can happen at any time, but it is usually a very emotional and difficult experience.

  • He died on his deathbed after a long battle with cancer.

  • The deathbed scene in the movie was very emotional.

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    Deathbed attempts to induce him to return them were unavailing.

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    I convoke around my deathbed my friends who are confirmed atheists, as I am.

  • 3

    Deathbed warning for the planet.

  • 4

    Same with the deathbed statement of ES.

  • 5

    Jocelyn reveals this in a deathbed confession.

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    The patient is then to recite the deathbed Viduy.

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    He wished to be baptized on his deathbed.

  • 8

    She made a deathbed conversion to Christianity.

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    Pregnant at the time, a daughter was on Mary's deathbed.

  • 10

    Tessenow verified this on his deathbed in 1950.