The word 'deadlier' is used to describe things or people that are more dangerous than others.

  • The gun is more deadly than the knife.

  • The city is more deadly than the rural area.

Definition of deadlier


Subject to death; mortal.


Causing death; lethal.


Aiming or willing to destroy; implacable; desperately hostile.


Very accurate (of aiming with a bow, firearm, etc.).


Very boring.


Excellent, awesome, cool.

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Example Sentences for deadlier

  • 1

    Unfortunately, due the nature of the villages, the rivalry is deadly and fatal.

  • 2

    The gestation period is short and deadly.

  • 3

    All of the Deadly Sins are notable in their selfishness.

  • 4

    Impassible mountains make deadly traps for the unwary.

  • 5

    He is one of the seven deadly aspects of The Voice.

  • 6

    The bug's venom is 10 times more deadly.

  • 7

    The officers specifically avoided the use of deadly force.

  • 8

    An angel points to the plague spot, the attribute of the deadly disease.

  • 9

    Money, however, is a less tractable problem and just as deadly.

  • 10

    In the bible, pride was known as the deadliest of the seven deadly sins.