Curving is a type of motion that is usually used to describe the paths that objects take when they are moving. When you say that something is curving, you are saying that the object is moving in a way that is not straight.

  • The road is curved, which makes it difficult to drive on.

  • The car was curving dangerously, and I was able to avoid it just in time.

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Example Sentences for curving

  • 1

    The grey lines are the model of the Gaussian curve.

  • 2

    At the deepest point of the cutting the line curves sharply.

  • 3

    It starts with a flat line, which curves into an undulation.

  • 4

    Intuitively it is the union of the tangent lines to the space curve.

  • 5

    The slope of a line tangent to the curve at the point is the marginal function.

  • 6

    The tension in the fabric may also distort the rectilinear lines into curves.

  • 7

    I can't see the three curved blue lines or the sallow leaves.

  • 8

    It is curved and indistinct.

  • 9

    The shape of the curves are identical.

  • 10

    Moreover, the shape of the curve varies.