To curb is to stop something from happening. When the police curb the rioting, they are preventing it from getting worse.

  • The company curbed its growth in order to stay afloat.

  • The government tried to curb the inflation by raising the prices of goods.

Definition of curbed


To check, restrain or control.


To rein in.


To furnish with a curb, as a well; to restrain by a curb, as a bank of earth.


To force to "bite the curb" (hit the pavement curb); see curb stomp.


To damage vehicle wheels or tires by running into or over a pavement curb.


To bend or curve.


To crouch; to cringe.



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Example Sentences for curbed

  • 1

    The two began arguing at the curb.

  • 2

    The policy was to curb the high demand for cigarettes.

  • 3

    The smock was across the flats at the base, and at the curb.

  • 4

    The tower is diameter at the base and diameter at the curb.

  • 5

    The curb chain is attached to the rings at the end of the cheek.

  • 6

    The mill is diameter at the base and to the curb, and high overall.

  • 7

    It may have a salutary effect to curb this kind of behaviour.

  • 8

    She sits resignedly on a curb at the mortuary's car park.

  • 9

    Curbing the pain may delay vomiting, and prolong the headache.

  • 10

    He curbed the offensive style of the team and reinforced the defensive.