A curate is someone who is responsible for choosing and organizing the art in a church or other religious building. They usually have a degree in art or religious studies.

  • The curate is responsible for choosing the pieces of art for the exhibition.

  • The curate is in charge of organizing the church's art collection.

Definition of curate


a person authorized to conduct religious worship


minister, minister of religion, parson, pastor, rector

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Example Sentences for curate

  • 1

    The exhibition was curated by the Israel Museum curator Meira Perry.

  • 2

    He is the curator of the windmill.

  • 3

    The curate prepared for the services.

  • 4

    The collections seem disordered, not curated.

  • 5

    The curator of the exhibition was David Bailey.

  • 6

    The sale was then blocked at the request of the Curator.

  • 7

    Victor is based on the character of the Curate.

  • 8

    I was sympathetic to the patron but supported the curator.

  • 9

    She is the curator of the island's ethnographic museum.

  • 10

    She received the 2006 of the as Emerging Curator.