To culminate is to reach a climax or the highest point. The climax of a story or movie is the point where the action is the most intense.

  • The movie culminates with the battle between the good and evil.

  • The story culminates with the wedding.

Definition of culminate


end, especially to reach a final or climactic stage




bring to a head or to the highest point


reach the highest altitude or the meridian, of a celestial body


reach the highest or most decisive point


rise to, or form, a summit

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Example Sentences for culminate

  • 1

    The actor culminated the scene.

  • 2

    The culmination was the destruction of the city.

  • 3

    The dismissal was the culmination of the crisis.

  • 4

    The mission model is the culmination.

  • 5

    The spread of the disease was culminated.

  • 6

    The writer culminated the plot.

  • 7

    They are not supposed to culminate the planting.

  • 8

    They were not allowed to culminate.

  • 9

    The John Hancock sale was the culmination.

  • 10

    The conflict culminated in the battle of Shigisan.