To find and fill the small, hidden spaces in something is to crevices. This is often done in order to protect something from moisture or other damage.

  • The carpenter needed to find the small, hidden crevices in the wood in order to seal them.

  • The architect designed the building in such a way that it would be protected from the weather by the small, hidden crevices in the walls.

Definition of crevices


a long narrow opening


cleft, crack, fissure, scissure


a long narrow depression in a surface


chap, crack, cranny, fissure

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Example Sentences for crevices

  • 1

    In the Autumn the descend and hibernate in crevices in the ground.

  • 2

    The thinness allows grinding in slots and crevices.

  • 3

    There is, however, a problem with the insects at the bottom of the crevice.

  • 4

    At the bottom of the crevice lay a glowing blue blob.

  • 5

    The Mynach flows through the crevice toward the viewer.

  • 6

    The mechanism of pitting corrosion is probably the same as crevice corrosion.

  • 7

    Therefore, the crevice system was extended to touch the edges of the chamber.

  • 8

    A deep crevice was cut between the tyrannical UCOE and the free people.

  • 9

    This crevice connects the glycogen storage site to the active, catalytic site.

  • 10

    This large anemone will usually seclude itself in a protected rock or crevice.