To be creatively-minded is to be interested in and excited by new ideas and possibilities. Creative people are often able to see the world in a different way, and they are able to come up with new ideas and solutions to problems.

  • The creative director encouraged the employees to be creative.

  • The creative team came up with a new advertising campaign that was very successful.

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    The exhibits help foster creativity and use of the imagination.

  • 2

    To foster creativity, one needs to imagine and dream.

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    The creativeness of the work show their creativity.

  • 4

    The task demands creativeness.

  • 5

    It empowers dullards and gelds the creative.

  • 6

    Creativity was spent on the art of writing.

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    Expectations increases creativeness of a person.

  • 8

    The act of exile was expressive and creative.

  • 9

    The creative elements of the photo are free.

  • 10

    The students flex their creative muscle.