To crate something is to put it in a box or container. The box or container is usually made of wood or metal, and it has a door or a window.

  • He cratered the car when he hit it with his truck.

  • The dog crate was too small, so he had to put her in the kitchen.

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Example Sentences for crated

  • 1

    It was not a comment on the work, but on the labelling on the crate.

  • 2

    He places the pills in the crate.

  • 3

    Finally there is the picture of the monkeys in a crate.

  • 4

    The maids thought there was a treasure in the crate.

  • 5

    Afterwards, the content of the crates was not replaced correctly.

  • 6

    Then you release the trigger and the crate falls.

  • 7

    Apples in the apple crate, and oranges in the orange sack.

  • 8

    Go to the right where there is the smaller stack of crates.

  • 9

    Chuck believes the crate contains the counterfeit plates.

  • 10

    Crate training is inhumane and connected to the Stockholm syndrome in dogs.