A coven is a group of witches or magic users. Witches or magic users often meet together to learn and to practice their magic.

  • The coven was trying to cast a spell to bring back the dead.

  • The coven is made up of seven witches.

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  • 1

    She is a witch and member of the coven.

  • 2

    She was the weakest witch in the coven until the last book.

  • 3

    The film stars Orson Welles as the leader of a witches coven.

  • 4

    The witch's death causes the foundations of her home and coven to fail.

  • 5

    The Covenant is a confederation of member covens and solitaires.

  • 6

    Jesus is the mediator of the New Covenant.

  • 7

    In search of the New Forest Coven.

  • 8

    Compliance with the plan is required in the covenant.

  • 9

    The ark of the covenant is brought into the temple.

  • 10

    This is incorrect, Laurent is the leader of the coven.