To copped something is to take something that is not yours without permission. Sometimes people use the word to describe the act of stealing something.

  • He copped a feel when he walked by her.

  • She copped a feel when he was talking on the phone.

Definition of copped


To obtain, to purchase (as in drugs), to get hold of, to take.


To (be forced to) take; to receive; to shoulder; to bear, especially blame or punishment for a particular instance of wrongdoing.


(trainspotting) To see and record a railway locomotive for the first time.


To steal.


To adopt.


To earn by bad behavior.


(usually with “to”) to admit, especially to a crime.


For a pimp to recruit a prostitute into the stable.


Rising to a point or head; conical; pointed; crested.

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Example Sentences for copped

  • 1

    He was chased by a cop.

  • 2

    Mow is noteworthy as the birthplace of the cop.

  • 3

    The cop recorded the inducement conversation.

  • 4

    The cop served the village of Mow.

  • 5

    The cops arrive and arrest the crook.

  • 6

    The cops put the squeeze on the gang.

  • 7

    The man punches the cop and was arrested.

  • 8

    One of the cops and a bystander were hospitalized.

  • 9

    Instead of the homeowners simply calling the cops.

  • 10

    Harry plays the cop and Dean the prisoner.