To convincingly do something is to make people believe that you are actually doing what you are saying. You might convincingly argue your case or convincingly perform your act.

  • He convincingly argued his case to the judge.

  • She convincingly performed her act on stage.

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Example Sentences for convincingly

  • 1

    You think I'm trying to convince you of something, persuade or cajole you.

  • 2

    The reasons are not convincing.

  • 3

    That's not convincing of the comprehensiveness of the coverage.

  • 4

    The portrayal is potent and convincing.

  • 5

    The committee was not convinced and the investigation continued.

  • 6

    The impetus is on the proposer to do the convincing.

  • 7

    The result of the experiment is revealing but is not convincing.

  • 8

    The unwholesome foursome were not convinced.

  • 9

    By this time, Napoleon himself was convinced of their perfidy.

  • 10

    None of the reasons given in the nom are convincing.