Connotations are the associative meanings that a word has. They are the ideas that people might think of when they hear or see the word.

  • The word connotations has a lot of negative associations.

  • The word connotations has a lot of positive associations.

Definition of connotations


what you must know in order to determine the reference of an expression




an idea that is implied or suggested

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Example Sentences for connotations

  • 1

    The words mean the same thing, but the connotation is different.

  • 2

    In usage it has connotations of degradation, baseness and meanness of spirit.

  • 3

    This does not connote that Husband use the means to maltreat their wives.

  • 4

    The people connoted the poems.

  • 5

    None of the tags in there connote notability.

  • 6

    Is the difference merely in the connotation, not in the denotation

  • 7

    It creates ineluctable connotations of Nazism.

  • 8

    Sometimes the connotation overrides the denotation.

  • 9

    The archaeological connotation of the find was significant.

  • 10

    The connotation changed in the past decades.