A connoisseur is someone who is very experienced in a particular field. They can often tell the difference between good and bad art, or between a good wine and a bad wine.

  • There are many connoisseurs of art, and they all have their own opinion.

  • The connoisseurs at the wine auction were bidding very high prices for the wine.

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Example Sentences for connoisseurs

  • 1

    You sure are the Lexus connoisseur.

  • 2

    But I need the help of a connoisseur of the Transformers.

  • 3

    Connoisseurs believe the liver is also excellent.

  • 4

    Wladislaus was also a connoisseur of the arts and music.

  • 5

    Jack Swart is the General Manager for Connoisseur in the market.

  • 6

    Talleyrand was a great conversationalist, gourmet, and wine connoisseur.

  • 7

    To coffee connoisseurs, this changes the whole dynamic of the drink.

  • 8

    It was often praised in the writings of the beer connoisseur Michael Jackson.

  • 9

    He wrote in Western Armenian and was a true connoisseur of the language.

  • 10

    He is an avid collector of art and connoisseur of fashion and architecture.