When there is a lot of confetti, it's usually because there is a celebration going on. confetti is usually made from paper or cardboard, and it's often used to celebrate special occasions or to celebrate victory.

  • They celebrated their victory with a lot of confetti.

  • The party was filled with confetti because it was a birthday party.

Definition of confetti


small pieces or streamers of colored paper that are thrown around on festive occasions (as at a wedding)

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Example Sentences for confetti

  • 1

    Chad is sometimes used as confetti.

  • 2

    The rest of it, if we get it, is the confetti.

  • 3

    Most table confetti is also shiny.

  • 4

    Confetti is fun to use when there is a fight.

  • 5

    The city also distributes paper confetti.

  • 6

    The show is decorated with various lights and confetti.

  • 7

    As the band performs on, the paper bags disintegrate into confetti.

  • 8

    At times, the confetti look like a heavy snow storm.

  • 9

    Men serenade women, confetti is thrown and dances are held.

  • 10

    A recent innovation at weddings is to use natural petal confetti.