Condemning something is to say or do something that is negative or critical towards it. When you condemn someone, you are usually accusing them of doing something wrong.

  • He condemned the government for its lack of progress.

  • The teacher condemned the student for not paying attention.

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Example Sentences for condemning

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    A condemnation of the degree of force is not a condemnation of the act itself.

  • 2

    He subscribed to the condemnation.

  • 3

    One is supporting and the other is condemning.

  • 4

    In Estonia the reaction was clearly condemning.

  • 5

    It is an exercise of the power of requisition or condemnation.

  • 6

    Doldrums, this is not condemning the destructive act.

  • 7

    Family condemns graceless biopic.

  • 8

    The verse is a condemnation of the Iraq War.

  • 9

    We condemn her action.

  • 10

    It is used as a justification for not condemning Christianity as idolatrous.