To concoct something is to make it up, to come up with something that is not true. The word is usually used when people are trying to make excuses for something that they have done.

  • The politician concocted a story about how he was injured in the accident.

  • The scientist concocted a story about how she discovered a new species of fungus.

Definition of concocted


To prepare something by mixing various ingredients, especially to prepare food for cooking.


mix, prepare


To contrive something using skill or ingenuity.


contrive, plot, scheme


To digest.


Invented, made up

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Example Sentences for concocted

  • 1

    The people concocted the collaboration.

  • 2

    Kaufman concocted the event with Bob Zmuda.

  • 3

    It causes the neologism to be thought of as concocted by a sockpuppetmaster.

  • 4

    They concoct a plan and lure Tyler into the graveyard.

  • 5

    This is inordinate stretching to try and concoct a contradiction.

  • 6

    But who could concoct the juxtapositions of the president's personality

  • 7

    I did not concoct these conclusions and findings in the references.

  • 8

    The sandwiches are identical concoctions of ham, baloney, and turkey.

  • 9

    The two concoct a plan to escape through the jungle.

  • 10

    The composer and the librettist quickly concoct a vocal number for her.