To conceptualize something is to understand it in a way that is separate from the actual physical object or thing. You might conceptualize a object in your mind before you ever see it.

  • The artist conceptualizes the objects in a very abstract way.

  • She conceptualized the idea of a school without walls.

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Example Sentences for conceptualize

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    The Mental faculty or part of the being, is the conceptual and cognitive mind.

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    The theory was conceptualized.

  • 3

    It is difficult to conceptualize the comparison.

  • 4

    The model was conceptualized in 2004.

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    The signified is the conceptual component.

  • 6

    But the ability to conceptualize a solution to a problem.

  • 7

    Individualism is the conceptual opposite of fascism.

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    He was to conceptualize the war as a haiku.

  • 9

    The conceptual study is needed in this area.

  • 10

    The question is one of conceptual idolatry.