Compulsions are habits or behaviors that you find it hard to resist. They are often addictive and habitual, which means that you find it hard to stop doing them.

  • She has a lot of compulsions, which is why she can't stop eating junk food.

  • The compulsive gambler is always looking for the next opportunity to gamble.

Definition of compulsions


an urge to do or say something that might be better left undone or unsaid


irresistible impulse


using force to cause something to occur




an irrational motive for performing trivial or repetitive actions, even against your will



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Example Sentences for compulsions

  • 1

    Factors Influencing the Onset of Childhood Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

  • 2

    The obsession of compulsive eaters with weight loss is an obvious fact.

  • 3

    I'm a compulsive kleptomaniac.

  • 4

    I'm a compulsive userbox kleptomaniac

  • 5

    The formula was made for compulsive reading.

  • 6

    There is in the operation of the market no compulsion and coercion.

  • 7

    Among the characteristics of alcoholism are compulsion and addiction.

  • 8

    It's the compulsive proofreader in me coming through.

  • 9

    Executing the compulsion provides temporary relief.

  • 10

    The marked practice is the compulsion to vary wording.