Comparably means in the same way, or at least as good. When you say that something is comparably priced, you mean that it is not very expensive compared to other things of the same type.

  • The shirt is comparably priced to the one I bought last year.

  • The cake is comparably priced to the one at the bakery down the street.

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Example Sentences for comparably

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    Phenocrysts compared similar to the effusive eruption in 1846.

  • 2

    Comparing the two like they are the same is disingenuous.

  • 3

    The comparative is used to express the likeness to something.

  • 4

    Comparing the bones in the upper forelimb gives a similar result.

  • 5

    A comparable giant chthonic pre Olympian of a Titan like order is Orion.

  • 6

    To compare the two is the same as comparing apples and carrots.

  • 7

    It is comparable to neuroscientist.

  • 8

    Compare with the hyperbola article.

  • 9

    Compared to this it is the soul of blandness.

  • 10

    But how do these compare with the luminaries