To compact something is to make it smaller and more dense. When you compacted the soil, you made it more dense and easier to plant crops in.

  • The soil was compacted when the bulldozer was working.

  • The wood was compacted when the truck was driving.

Definition of compacted


To make more dense; to compress.


To unite or connect firmly, as in a system.


Closely or densely packed together.

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Example Sentences for compacted

  • 1

    The lettering is small, compact and cohesive.

  • 2

    The room was compact with people.

  • 3

    Below is the full text of the Compact.

  • 4

    Most of these materials are compact and impermeable.

  • 5

    The liner is foldable for compact storage.

  • 6

    The more compact and concise, the better.

  • 7

    The people looked at the condensed compact.

  • 8

    But the course of the war made this compact inoperative.

  • 9

    Clarke is one of the signers of the Portsmouth Compact.

  • 10

    The article is satisfactorily informative and very compact.