Colonizing is the act of moving into or taking over a new area. Sometimes people use the word to refer to the act of European people moving into new areas of the world.

  • The company is colonizing new markets, which is why they are so successful.

  • The European colonizers came to America to take over the land.

Definition of colonizing


To settle (a place) with colonists, and hence make (a place) into a colony.


To settle (a group of people, a species, or the like) in a place as a colony.


To settle among and establish control over (the indigenous people of an area).


To begin a colony or colonies.


(by extension) To intrude into and take over (the autonomy, experience, social movement, etc, of a less powerful person or group); to commandeer or appropriate.

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Example Sentences for colonizing

  • 1

    The country colonized the small island.

  • 2

    The countless polyps in the colon predispose to the development of colon cancer.

  • 3

    The character to indent is the colon.

  • 4

    In the colon they are fermented by anaerobic bacteria.

  • 5

    The colon is misplaced in the current title.

  • 6

    The colons just indent the line.

  • 7

    The more colons, the deeper the indent.

  • 8

    The people colonized the weak people.

  • 9

    The process of colonization and expropriation was paradoxical.

  • 10

    The area was colonized by immemorial people of the Mediterranean.