To cognitively is to think about something in a logical way. When you cognitively think about a problem, you try to figure out all of the possible solutions.

  • He cognitively thought about the problem for hours before he came up with a solution.

  • The students were asked to cognitively think about the problem before they came up with a solution.

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Example Sentences for cognitively

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    Mental spaces are cognitive structures entirely in the minds of interlocutors.

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    The Mental faculty or part of the being, is the conceptual and cognitive mind.

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    Human cognition is the study of how the human brain thinks.

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    Being cognitive and sensate are different.

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    Please excuse the cognitive dissonance.

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    Psychology is the study of behaviour and cognition.

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    Hallucinations typify cognitive insanity.

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    The ssychological name is cognitive dissonance.

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    Phrase is important, but cognition of the sentence is the priority.

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    She specializes in the development of cognition in infancy.