When someone is clumsy, they are not very good at doing things smoothly and easily. They might make mistakes, or they might not be able to do anything properly.

  • He was very clumsy and dropped the jar of paint.

  • He was very clumsy and knocked over the vase of flowers.

Definition of clumsy


showing lack of skill or aptitude


bungling, fumbling, incompetent


difficult to handle or manage especially because of shape


awkward, bunglesome, ungainly


not elegant or graceful in expression


awkward, cumbersome, ill-chosen, inapt, inept


lacking grace in movement or posture


clunky, gawky, ungainly, unwieldy

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Example Sentences for clumsy

  • 1

    Including the trivia in the article would be clumsy and awkward.

  • 2

    He is a sloven and is clumsy.

  • 3

    The title is clumsy and presumptive.

  • 4

    Reword some of the clumsy prose.

  • 5

    Further, the clumsy verbosity is needless.

  • 6

    Clumsiness, depression and irritability are noted.

  • 7

    The wording of the article is a bit clumsy.

  • 8

    Yes, the name of the list is clumsy.

  • 9

    Also the translation of the lyrics is a little clumsy.

  • 10

    In running text the capitalisation of 'The' looks clumsy.