To cleanly is to do something in a way that is clean and tidy. You might cleanly sweep the floor, or you might cleanly dress yourself.

  • The kitchen was cleanly but sparsely decorated.

  • The room was cleanly but it was too cold.

Definition of cleanly


smoothly and without difficulty; precisely and deftly




habitually clean


in a manner that minimizes dirt and pollution

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Example Sentences for cleanly

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    Are the various types cleanly defined

  • 2

    Cleanliness of the insulation remains imperative.

  • 3

    Ideally the bull dies quickly and cleanly.

  • 4

    Ideally, the bull dies quickly and cleanly.

  • 5

    She was the goddess of health, cleanliness and sanitation.

  • 6

    The insertion point is cleanly shaved and sterilized.

  • 7

    There was no education about the importance of sterilization and cleanliness.

  • 8

    It is a compromise between the ease of diesel and the cleanliness of biodiesel.

  • 9

    Raised in the sewers, he preferred filth to cleanliness.

  • 10

    She is the author of many books about cleanliness.