A claustrophobic person is afraid of enclosed spaces, such as small rooms or closets. They may also be afraid of heights.

  • She is claustrophobic and can't stand being in small spaces.

  • He is claustrophobic and can't stand being near the edge of a cliff.

Definition of claustrophobic


suffering from claustrophobia; abnormally afraid of closed-in places


uncomfortably closed or hemmed in

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Example Sentences for claustrophobic

  • 1

    It's relentless, claustrophobic stuff.

  • 2

    BSG is claustrophobic and fairly tight knit.

  • 3

    She speaks with a lateral lisp and is claustrophobic.

  • 4

    Rose felt almost unbearably claustrophobic.

  • 5

    It is a claustrophobic, tense, and at times, frustrating experience.

  • 6

    A claustrophobic convergence is replaced by divergence and optimism.

  • 7

    The conventional position makes me claustrophobic.

  • 8

    He says he still is claustrophobic and agoraphobic.

  • 9

    Some rooms are less claustrophobic but more acrophobic.

  • 10

    The Subway was, by all accounts, not a good place for a claustrophobe to visit.