Clambering is the act of using your hands and feet to climb something. When you're scrambling up a cliff, you're clambering.

  • He was clambering up the cliff, trying to get to the top.

  • The children were clambering all over the monkey, trying to get ahold of it.

Definition of clambering


To climb (something) with some difficulty, or in a haphazard fashion.


The act of one who clambers.

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Example Sentences for clambering

  • 1

    People clamber to see the author.

  • 2

    The kids clambered out of the car.

  • 3

    Thain clambered out of the galley window.

  • 4

    He clambered over the bridge's machinery.

  • 5

    Audience members clambered onto the stage to join in singalongs.

  • 6

    There was an interesting links page to other clubs wearing clamber.

  • 7

    They forage in small flocks and creep and clamber in low vegetation.

  • 8

    It tends to clamber to the tops of trees and shrubs, sprawling over the crowns.

  • 9

    It entered at the bottom, clambered up and appeared at an opening high above.

  • 10

    Clamber down the stone steps into the deserted world of underground chambers.