To circulate something is to send it around or to share it with a lot of people. When you circulate a document, you make copies of it and distribute them to as many people as possible.

  • The document was circulated to all the employees.

  • The magazine is circulating a new issue to all of its subscribers.

Definition of circulates


cause to be distributed


distribute, pass around, pass on


cause to become widely known


broadcast, circularise, circularize, diffuse, disperse, disseminate, distribute, pass around, propagate, spread


become widely known and passed on


go around, spread


cause to move in a circuit or system


move around freely from person to person or from place to place


move through a space, circuit or system, returning to the starting point

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Example Sentences for circulates

  • 1

    It is to go round to circulate.

  • 2

    Is the circulation of the publication relevant

  • 3

    The police circulated the city.

  • 4

    The wolves circulated the town.

  • 5

    These circulated alongside the issues.

  • 6

    He theorized a circulation of the blood.

  • 7

    Circulation is irrelevant to the quality of the journalism.

  • 8

    The bimonthly circulation for the magazine is 326,000.

  • 9

    The blood circulates a physical body.

  • 10

    The circulation doubled in the first year.