To circle something is to move around it in a circular fashion. When you circle a group of people, you are protecting them from harm.

  • The wolves were circling the herd of cows, waiting for the perfect opportunity to attack.

  • The birds were circling around the feeder, waiting for the opportunity to get a food.

Definition of circling


To travel around along a curved path.


To surround.


To place or mark a circle around.


To travel in circles.


A circular motion.

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Example Sentences for circling

  • 1

    The dohars move in a circle round him, singing.

  • 2

    The dohars move in a circle round him, singing the refrain of the song.

  • 3

    The simplest knot, called the unknot, is a round circle embedded in R3.

  • 4

    There are virtuous circle and vicious circle.

  • 5

    Circle the correct consonant digraph. Circle the correct consonant digraph.

  • 6

    Compute the circumference of the circle.

  • 7

    The circle of the sun was the ecliptic.

  • 8

    The circle represents universality.

  • 9

    The origin is the centre of the circle.

  • 10

    The planets circled the sun.