To chronicling is to write or to record something in a diary or journal. chronicling can also refer to the act of documenting or recording the history of something.

  • The chronicler documented the history of the war.

  • The chronicler documented the history of the city.

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Example Sentences for chronicling

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    The chronicle treats the history of the early Eastern Slavic state.

  • 2

    I mistook the Examiner for the Chronicle.

  • 3

    One was written in the Chronicle of Philanthropy.

  • 4

    Claim that 'The Jewish Chronicle' is disreputable.

  • 5

    The chronicle is described in the article on the author.

  • 6

    Its fun reading the chronicles of a psychopath.

  • 7

    The Ann Arbor article is not about the Chronicle.

  • 8

    He was the author of the Chronicle of the House of Douglas.

  • 9

    The first is the group of chroniclers detailing the conquest.

  • 10

    The new periodical chronicles the expansion of the order.