Chicha is a type of beer that is made from maize. It is often flavored with chili and other spices.

  • The chicha was very spicy, with a flavor that was reminiscent of chicha.

  • The chicha was very sweet, with a flavor that was reminiscent of sweet tea.

Definition of chicha


an oriental tobacco pipe with a long flexible tube connected to a container where the smoke is cooled by passing through water


calean, hookah, hubble-bubble, hubbly-bubbly, kalian, narghile, nargileh, sheesha, shisha, water pipe

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Example Sentences for chicha

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    Highland chicha is likely to contain maize or quinoa.

  • 2

    Modern day chicha is not necessarily alcoholic, however.

  • 3

    Chicha Morada is said to reduce blood pressure.

  • 4

    Yes, chicha is an example, and the liquid isn't a wort.

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    You removed chicha from the horchata page.

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    From manioc leaves they extract a native chicha beer.

  • 7

    It is very rare and perhaps the most delicately flavored chicha.

  • 8

    Although fermented chicha is available, the unfermented type is the most common.

  • 9

    Chicha started out in the 1960s in the oil boom cities of the Peruvian Amazon.

  • 10

    The hangover from chicha de molle is legendary throughout the Andean highlands.