Cheaply is used to describe something that is not expensive, but is not also quality. Cheaply made products are often not very durable or reliable.

  • The dress was cheaply made, and it was falling apart after only a few wearings.

  • The book was cheaply written, and it was full of spelling mistakes.

Definition of cheaply


with little expenditure of money




in a cheap manner


inexpensively, tattily


in a stingy manner


chintzily, stingily

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Example Sentences for cheaply

  • 1

    It's shot cheaply on video in the studio.

  • 2

    It was acquired cheaply by the Adventist church in 1949.

  • 3

    All of that can be done cheaply and easily on the internet.

  • 4

    Diesel fuel could be bought cheaply and loaded into the tender.

  • 5

    Ellis purchased English types and printing ink for the Press cheaply.

  • 6

    England seemed certain to be bowled out cheaply and to lose the match.

  • 7

    The airfield is built to easily expand cheaply and fast whenever needed.

  • 8

    Most of the contaminants can be filtered out from water very cheaply.

  • 9

    Gosset devised the t test as a way to cheaply monitor the quality of stout.

  • 10

    The first sheet cymbals were brass, and were very cheaply made.