Cementing is a process of making something permanent. When you cement something, you add a layer of cement to the surface so that it will not move or fall apart.

  • The cementing agent will help to bind the particles together.

  • The cementing agent will also help to keep the particles in place.

Definition of cementing


To affix with cement.


To overlay or coat with cement.


To unite firmly or closely.


To make permanent.

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Example Sentences for cementing

  • 1

    In fact the mixture of cement and slag cement makes the concrete stronger.

  • 2

    It also houses industries like steel, tinplate, cement and flourmills.

  • 3

    The steel, cement and iron ore prices are currently being liberalized in Iran.

  • 4

    The girls mixed cement, laid bricks and toiled on the different building sites.

  • 5

    In some sandstones, the cement is calcareous.

  • 6

    The cement production plant is in the town.

  • 7

    The concord cemented the split with the Calvinists.

  • 8

    The limestone is used in the production of cement.

  • 9

    The only industry is the cement works.

  • 10

    The outsole is then cemented and stitched to the welt.