To categorize is to group things together in a way that makes them easier to understand. Categorizing can be a useful way of organizing your ideas.

  • The teacher tried to categorize the students by their MyersBriggs type.

  • The teacher tried to categorize the articles by their topic.

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Example Sentences for categorizing

  • 1

    The statement was categorical.

  • 2

    It's the work of a categorical mind.

  • 3

    All of the above categorize the company.

  • 4

    It is a categorically unwise thing to do.

  • 5

    He helped categorize the articles.

  • 6

    The categorical imperative is the centrepiece of the Groundwork.

  • 7

    The opposite ring is then the categorical dual.

  • 8

    The pushout is the categorical dual of the pullback.

  • 9

    The rule there is 'categorize the article, not the topic'.

  • 10

    There is a useful categorical interpretation of the map.