Catastrophically means in a very bad way. When something catastrophic happens, it's usually quite bad.

  • The car crashed catastrophically and he was injured.

  • The economy is catastrophically in decline, and there's a lot of fear and uncertainty.

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Example Sentences for catastrophically

  • 1

    Failure of elements to conform in the framework is catastrophic.

  • 2

    Edward was blamed by the barons for the catastrophic failure of the campaign.

  • 3

    It is a prelude to a catastrophe.

  • 4

    The postponement was catastrophic.

  • 5

    The effect of this is quite catastrophic.

  • 6

    The result was quite catastrophic.

  • 7

    The collision damage to the Constellation was catastrophic.

  • 8

    The results of partition were catastrophic.

  • 9

    The volcanic eruption was the source of the catastrophe.

  • 10

    There is an obelisk marking the spot of the catastrophe.