When someone is catapulted, they are suddenly thrown into a new or different situation. This can be a happy or a sad situation, but it always comes as a surprise.

  • She was catapulted into the limelight when she was cast in the TV show.

  • He was catapulted into the world of politics when he was elected to office.

Definition of catapulted


To fire a missile from a catapult.


To fire or launch something, as if from a catapult.


To increase the status of something rapidly.


To be fired from a catapult or as if from a catapult.


To have one's status increased rapidly.

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Example Sentences for catapulted

  • 1

    The boy likes to use catapults.

  • 2

    The catapult then launches the gnome upwards.

  • 3

    Jak and the gang are catapulted into the future and separated.

  • 4

    The publication of the series catapulted Kuniyoshi to fame.

  • 5

    The French immediately catapult it over the wall anyways.

  • 6

    The catapult shown in the picture in this article is classical though.

  • 7

    The secret catapult is built in the region of Mare Undarum.

  • 8

    Then the catapult launches the beer to the target user on command.

  • 9

    The catapult in Ohio performed the same function, for the same reason.

  • 10

    The others were the steam catapult and the angled flight deck.