To catalyze something is to cause it to start working. When you catalyze a reaction, you make it happen faster than it would normally happen.

  • The catalysts allowed the reaction to catalyze more quickly.

  • The catalysts were not strong enough to catalyze the reaction.

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Example Sentences for catalyzes

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    Monoamine oxidases catalyze the oxidative deamination of monoamines.

  • 2

    Nickel compounds catalyze the oligomerization of alkenes and alkynes.

  • 3

    PLCs catalyze the reaction in two sequential steps.

  • 4

    DNA glycosylases catalyze the first step of this process.

  • 5

    Enzymes are usually named according to the reaction they catalyze.

  • 6

    Enzymes catalyze the forward and backward reactions equally.

  • 7

    'Hydrolases' catalyze the hydrolysis of various chemical bonds.

  • 8

    The chromium chloride catalyzes the conversion of glucose into fructose.

  • 9

    The glow plug is disposed in the catalyzer of the catalytic converter.

  • 10

    Methanogens rely on such enzymes to catalyze the reduction of CO2, to methane.