To catalyze something is to make it happen faster or more easily. When the government started to catalyze the economy, they helped to speed up the process of businesses growing and creating jobs.

  • The company was unable to catalyze the growth of their business, which is why they are struggling.

  • The teacher was able to catalyze the students into participating in the class by using humor.

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Example Sentences for catalyze

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    Monoamine oxidases catalyze the oxidative deamination of monoamines.

  • 2

    Nickel compounds catalyze the oligomerization of alkenes and alkynes.

  • 3

    PLCs catalyze the reaction in two sequential steps.

  • 4

    DNA glycosylases catalyze the first step of this process.

  • 5

    Enzymes are usually named according to the reaction they catalyze.

  • 6

    Enzymes catalyze the forward and backward reactions equally.

  • 7

    'Hydrolases' catalyze the hydrolysis of various chemical bonds.

  • 8

    The chromium chloride catalyzes the conversion of glucose into fructose.

  • 9

    The glow plug is disposed in the catalyzer of the catalytic converter.

  • 10

    Methanogens rely on such enzymes to catalyze the reduction of CO2, to methane.