Casein is a type of protein. It's found in milk, and it's responsible for the milk's consistency and flavor.

  • The proteins in the casein make the milk solid.

  • The proteins in the casein are what make the milk taste like milk.

Definition of casein


a water-base paint made with a protein precipitated from milk


casein paint


a milk protein used in making e.g. plastics and adhesives

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    It is produced by coagulation of the milk protein casein.

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    Rennet casein is added to water to provide a casein dispersion.

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    Why is sodium caseinate, a casein derivative, not considered a dairy product

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    Casein is not coagulated by heat.

  • 5

    A rennet casein product is then recovered.

  • 6

    Structure and stability of bovine casein micelles.

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    Most of the casein proteins are bound into the micelles.

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    A small fraction of the population is allergic to casein.

  • 9

    Casein is also used as an artist's medium.

  • 10

    The glue used was initially casein based.